Thursday, June 28, 2012


this is my first post for my diy blog and i am so thrilled to be doing it, hopefully one day i will look back on this and be able to reflect on having grown.
I found this fabby telephone side table at one of the junk shops, lol, thats what my kids refer to it as.  Its one of those places that my kids say smells like granny, lol, old people!!  Its the place i like to go to most, on good days i can leave with my boot of my car filled to the hilt, seats down and the kids teetering on the edge.
I brought this monster home not really knowing what i was gonna do with it, until i emailed Gail from My repurposed life, this girl is the DIY Goddess.  In my dreams i will ever make the things she does.  Oh well i can dream.
Anywho, she sent me in the right direction and sent me lots of encouragement, finally i took the bull by the horns and dived in head first.  I primed and primmed this monster, and finally today i started the glazing.  Not sure if is a bit of overkill, but my husband liked it and it now resides in my dining room so that has to say a lot for him liking it as if it was that bad he would have put his foot down.
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