Thursday, November 01, 2012

girls bedroom

finally my girls bedroom is making progress:  this week i took these barstools and chopped off the bottom half.  I mean really when i ordered these 18 years ago, i gave the guy the measurement for the length of my counter in the hope of getting barstools with larger seats, with tears in my eyes i tell you my toosh was never gonna be accomodated on the minute seat.  None the less thats what we ended up with and they were OK i geuss.
so this is what they looked like once i chopped off the bottom half, exactly like a childs chair, i mean since i got them my toosh has doubled in size.

so turned them into two little benches to go at the bottoms of the girls beds.  I made a padded cushion to match the new headboards that i made,

then once that was done i had a little ipiphany and made a little stool to go in front of the small dresser they have, amde from the bottom half of the stool.

I also decided that the ceiling fan was looking rather sad since there isnt a cover for the centre light fitting so i made a little garland to drape from that to detract from looking at the ugly bare globe.

thanks for stopping by, just to let you know that this girls room has been a constant pain for me, never felt quite right with it.  Everything in the girls room has been an upcycled project from junk that i have reconned into what you now see, except for their beds.
I am finally starting to feel better about this room and so are the girls, next i wanna hang their pink mosquito nets, but will need hubster to hold the ladder, lol