Sunday, October 28, 2012

new headboards

My girls bedroom is one of the sadest rooms in our house right now and sorely in need of attention.  So i thought i would share with you the headboards that i made this afternoon.
these are not the greatest pictures since its already dark and all i am really showing you are the headboards, i have admired padded headboards on the net for some time now and kept thinking it would be really hard to do.  Well these two took me a total of three hours to knock together the hardest part was putting the fabric over the board and foam, then of course while threading the buttons i lost the needle inside the headboard, lol.  There are gonna be great things happening in this room in the next couple of days so will do a proper reveal of the finished room before the end of the week.
So proud of these padded headboards, came out far better than anticipated.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

side table

this poor side table was missing two legs, but for R20, i had to have it, i think the two legs it had and the top are some quality wood
the top did need a bit of love, but never mind that, it was so easy to cut two new legs and attach them i was in diy heaven

After making the two new legs of course the wood i used wasnt the same as the original, no problemo, i just stained it with wooden Ebony and now it lives in a corner in my craft room and i have some of my vintage flowers in the jar.
 these owls i found at the hospice too and they were so ugly i almost passed them up, i mean i really dont like birds, but once i got them home and gave them a spray of rustoleum anique white, i kninda like them

pallet bench

I got a bee in my bonnet the other day and decided that i had the brawn and the brains to knock a bench together from scratch
you see the pallets in the post below that i got from my neighbour, thats what i made this bench from.  After breacking them apart and deciding on how big i wanted this bench, it came together in an afternoon
 I really am pleased as punch that this worked out so well.  Wasnt sure if i should paint it or just seal it, then after asking a few people, including the hubster i decided to go with different shades of grey.

 My mum came for a visit and of course she is a whiz with the sewing machine so i told her she had to earn her keep and make the cushion.  We went to the fabric store and i was about to buy some canvas but while waiting at the till i noticed these tablecloths, wow i had a lightbulb moment and decided to go with it, so my mum sewed up the cushion from a tablecloth that only cost R115 and then i still had enough fabric for a little talble runner.
sorry about the mess in the background, this is kinda where i do all my diy stuff so there is a lot laying around, lol.