Sunday, October 28, 2012

new headboards

My girls bedroom is one of the sadest rooms in our house right now and sorely in need of attention.  So i thought i would share with you the headboards that i made this afternoon.
these are not the greatest pictures since its already dark and all i am really showing you are the headboards, i have admired padded headboards on the net for some time now and kept thinking it would be really hard to do.  Well these two took me a total of three hours to knock together the hardest part was putting the fabric over the board and foam, then of course while threading the buttons i lost the needle inside the headboard, lol.  There are gonna be great things happening in this room in the next couple of days so will do a proper reveal of the finished room before the end of the week.
So proud of these padded headboards, came out far better than anticipated.

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