Saturday, October 06, 2012

side table

this poor side table was missing two legs, but for R20, i had to have it, i think the two legs it had and the top are some quality wood
the top did need a bit of love, but never mind that, it was so easy to cut two new legs and attach them i was in diy heaven

After making the two new legs of course the wood i used wasnt the same as the original, no problemo, i just stained it with wooden Ebony and now it lives in a corner in my craft room and i have some of my vintage flowers in the jar.
 these owls i found at the hospice too and they were so ugly i almost passed them up, i mean i really dont like birds, but once i got them home and gave them a spray of rustoleum anique white, i kninda like them

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  1. I love this Paola. Well done on making 2 new legs. Love the dark wood stain. Can't wait o see what's next!


I am greatly encouraged by your comment, thanks for popping by. smiles Paola