Saturday, October 06, 2012

pallet bench

I got a bee in my bonnet the other day and decided that i had the brawn and the brains to knock a bench together from scratch
you see the pallets in the post below that i got from my neighbour, thats what i made this bench from.  After breacking them apart and deciding on how big i wanted this bench, it came together in an afternoon
 I really am pleased as punch that this worked out so well.  Wasnt sure if i should paint it or just seal it, then after asking a few people, including the hubster i decided to go with different shades of grey.

 My mum came for a visit and of course she is a whiz with the sewing machine so i told her she had to earn her keep and make the cushion.  We went to the fabric store and i was about to buy some canvas but while waiting at the till i noticed these tablecloths, wow i had a lightbulb moment and decided to go with it, so my mum sewed up the cushion from a tablecloth that only cost R115 and then i still had enough fabric for a little talble runner.
sorry about the mess in the background, this is kinda where i do all my diy stuff so there is a lot laying around, lol.


  1. Oh my goodness me. This looks fabulous painted Paola. Love the grey and your cushions just gift it a wonderful "lift". You're getting far too good my friend. What's next ? hehehe hugs Sharon x

  2. That's lovely! You're quite creative.


I am greatly encouraged by your comment, thanks for popping by. smiles Paola