Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh Yeah!! i love junk

My son and dil are finally moving into their new house, hells bells its taken them long enough.  all the designer furniture, and painting to their satisfaction, etc etc etc.
Well my dil wants her house looking the best that it can before she would move in.  We went to have a snoop look around, very ice indeed!!! all be it still a little sparse, do you remember when you got your first home.  all i had was a bed and a refridgerator, lol.
Well after having the tour she turns to me and asks me to make her a peg hanging thingy for her dishclothes, well sure i will honey, right away, ha ha ha.  I am busy making her something, she wants dots on it, so look out for that later.
first off though, they had horrid plastic chairs out on the deck which is at the front of the house, whats up with that?  So i made them these two darling recliners out of pallets!

Our neighbour brought over a gazzilion pallets for me to recycle, i cant wait to whip up a few more things.  Gotta tell you though i am finished, exhausted from head to toe after making these today, plus a huge blood blister on my baby finger so i am off to bed!

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