Saturday, July 28, 2012

headboard bench

In case you dont know, i run another blog for card making and it was never really my intent to get started on any other hobbies.  I used to own a largish scrapbooking shop and teach aswell, then the cardmaking took over my life, i also liked to dabble in a bit of sewin however not very good at that.  I then stumbled across a whole new dimension of diy bloggers and often thought "when i start on my new home, i wanna be able to do this that and the next thing that i had seen these amazing diyers do"
Well one of them is Gail, hell what can i say about this amazing diy G"dess, she makes it all look so easy, when in fact i am sure that it is just cos she is SO CLEVER!!!  you have to see what she makes so head over i will see you in about two months, lmbo
She inspired me not to give up on my dream of being able to do the things i dream of doing.  Go and check out her amazing tutorial on Headboard benches and you will understand why i am in such awe of this lady.
So last week while my sister was visiting we decided to unpack my new mitre saw and table saw.  I gotta say, these are scary ass machines.  Nonetheless, we took the bull by the horns and tried our hand at making magic.  unfortunately we didnt follow the turorial done by Gail, we just did our own thing on a wing and a prayer.  Oh yes lots of prayers cos as i said those power tools can be very scary, you may read in future of a few missing appendages from these i gotta remember to always be careful.
So we started with this headboard, knocked together a box that we attached to the headboard and now i gotta make cushions for the seat.  I LOVE IT!! i am still in shock that i managed to actually make something that one can sit on without it calapsing, lol.


  1. Wooohoo! Paola, y'all did a great job! :) Look out--there's no stopping you now!

    Love it!!
    ps thanks for the shoutout! Happy to inspire!

  2. Brilliant! Not just another pretty face, are you?
    Now, pop in at my place and run some serious DIY here!
    Please bring along your favorite 'supply shop'.

  3. Stunning Paola. Wow... This is so impressive! There is no stopping you now g/f

  4. I love this - I bought my first item from a scrap yard that I want to restore. You have given me inspiration. :)

  5. Wow Paola, such talent!!!! This is amazing!!! from trash to TREASURE for sure!!!!!



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