Saturday, July 28, 2012

wheelbarrow planter

The same friend who gave me the side table that i gave a new lease on life was gonna throw out this wheel barrow.  As you can see it was full of cement and one of the arms was badly rusted, in fact while revamping this sad old guy, it fell off.
Never mind i told myself, just keep going its gonna be fine!
I hammered most of the cement off, gave the rusty ol devil a coat of rustproof to try and prevent any further rusting.  Once it was half way there, my husband said "you not putting that anywhere in our garden"
what?  i sure had news for him.  I gave this ol trusty a bit of love with some paint, and made a trip to the nursery, and i have to add here that green fingers i do not have!!  I added two and a half bags of potting soil and all these flowers that i bought at the nursery, i am now pleased to say that the flowers are flourishing and my wheel barrow that i brought back from the destined for the dump takes pride of place in the very front of our house, with the welcome sign that i placed in front of it.  the welcome sign i made from the back of an old chair that missed the same fate as the wheel barrow.  I havent made anything out of the ol chair yet, but believe me i do have plans for it.
 sorry about the glare, it was late afternoon when i took these pics and my camera doesnt like the afternoon sun for picture taking.
If you decide to use an old wheelbarrow for a planter, dont forget to drill additional drainage holes in it, some plants dont like being water logged, the luck i had was that the bottom was already quite damaged, however i did add additional drainage holes.  Yes i know it still looks a little sad with the missing arm, but i am overall pleased with it.  Hubster is still uncertain as he says "Its purple and doesnt match the house"  i had to laught at that, KWIM. 


  1. I am so impressed with your DIY creations Paola. This is fabulous!!!!

  2. Wow, now I know why I can't catch you on Skype anymore...This is incredibly GORGEOUS!!!!! I wish you could sell your stuff here in New York... it would sell for a fortune.

    Hugs and miss you


I am greatly encouraged by your comment, thanks for popping by. smiles Paola